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Are you looking for a great realtor? Sandy Bozeman is a second generation, hall-of-fame agent, with nearly 40 years of experience helping buyers and sellers throughout Tampa Bay. Sandy's listings often sell above asking price. What's her secret? Sandy goes above and beyond what most realtors do when marketing a home. She uses a combination of sophisticated printing and online marketing to "WOW" buyers and stands out in the crowd... When a home stands out, more buyers will see it, and the greater chance it will have to bring in more offers. The difference between a good realtor and a great one isn't whether they can sell your home. It's how much value their marketing brings your home and the overall experience they provide. Great marketing can be the difference tens of thousands of dollars. Don't settle for anything less! Call Sandy today. She is knowledgeable and truly cares about helping turn your real estate dreams into realities!



As a second generation realtor with nearly 40 years working closely with buyers and sellers through Tampa Bay, I have an excellent understanding of what exactly is required to achieve a pleasant and successful transaction. If you’re looking to buy, I will listen closely to all your desired needs and goals and help you find a dream home that fits. For sellers, unlike most realtors, my goal isn’t to simply sell a home For its market value (given enough time most realtors can do that). I set higher goals knowing I will provide a home with stunning marketing that attracts more buyers and ultimatly more offers. It's simple, when a home is looking at its best and is being seen by more viewers, it will sell for more! Whether you’re looking for help buying or selling a home, Call today and lets chat about your home needs.

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Here's an insight most sellers don't realize... A lot of realtors do very little additional marketing besides using the standard, yard sign, MLS, and open house strategy (basically the bare minimum). Many will take their own photos on a camera phone instead of hiring a professional photographer. What the seller doesn't see is: Though these simple steps are often "good enough" to work... If nothing special is being done to set their home apart from thousands of other active listings, and nothing special is being done to showcase your home to the world and reach a wider audience of buyers... Then what special is being done to sell your home for its highest value? This can be a a difference of $10,000's (A life changing sum of money). Don't lose out due to poor, nonexistent or lazy marketing.

A home sale is too important to settle for less!

I strive to provide my listings (no-matter the price) with the finest marketing around. My sellers receive more offers ultimately sell for more money. Don't work with an "OK" realtor, work with a great one! Call me today to discuss how I can help with your real estate goals.

When deciding to put your home up for sale one of the most important choices you'll make is your realtor.  It's important because ultimately your realtor will affect how much your home sells for. There are thousands of realtors to choose from in Tampa Bay, so how do you tell a great realtor from an average one? -  Here are some of the qualities I strive for, that I believe are most important!

  1. A great realtor has faith in the power of their marketing and will invest in providing your home with the best marketing strategy
  2. A great realtor treats your home like a product, that can have anticipation and hype built for it, inspiring a bidding war. Not as an asset that when priced fairly, will sell in a reasonable amount of time.
  3. A great realtor hires professional photographers, videographers, graphic designers and drone photographers to showcase your home using stunning marketing pieces
  4. A great realtor doesn't simply rely on the MLS to reach buyers, but actively markets your home using additionally paid online campaigns and social media.

When I'm not out selling homes, my other major role as a realtor is helping buyers find the perfect home.  To do this, I listen closely to your desired needs, location, and lifestyle. I have a wealth of local area knowledge and expertise, so I can help focus the search on the best communities. I will tour homes with you and strive to provide open communication, a friendly personality, knowledgeable guidance, and the passion for making your real estates dreams into realities! As a buyer's agent, I am paid by the seller, so my services are essentially free! If you're thinking about purchasing a home in Tampa Bay, there's never been a better time to contact me and let me know how I can be of service.

We can't thank you enough for taking such good care of us this summer with the house - you are very patient, caring and kind.
Brian & Kelly
It is my pleasure to recommend Sandy Bozeman as a realtor for anyone in Pinellas County. She listed and sold my house in short order, at a very good price because of her consistent hard work, complete professionalism, and attention to detail in every nuance of the transaction.
Dr. Barry
We really appreciate Sandy's understanding and creative marketing of our unique property.
Sandy handled all details, making it easier on us and less stressful.
Kevin & Karen
Sandy has a tremendous knowledge of the area. She anticipated possible hurdles before they arose. She was a delight to work with through the whole selling process. She kept us informed, showed a genuine desire to make it all happen as smoothly as possible.
Thank you for all that you did for us! We really do appreciate all the extras you did for us to get our house sold.
James & Lori

Whether you're planning to buy or sell a home in 10 days or 10 years, I am here to help! My goal is to provide exceptional service and turn your real estate dreams into realities. I love hearing from new clients, so remember, the first step is to reach out and let me know how I can be of service.  I've never forgotten just how important of a role I play in my client's lives, for all your home needs I am ready to help!