Jungle Prada History

Jungle Prada History – Piper-Fuller Airfield – Today Tyrone Mall

Walter-Fuller Airfield – 1926

Did you know Jungle Prada has one of St. Petersburg’s most historic and fascinating histories? That’s right, Jungle Prada was once the site of St. Petersburg’s first airport! It was Walter Fuller who had the airfield constructed in 1926. His goal was to be able to fly prospective buyers over the land he was developing. What a fun way to see real estate!

Piper-Fuller in the 30’s

In the mid 30’s the surface of the airfield was described as, “smooth but needing a mow”. The airfield was the scene of numerous early air meets and rumored to have been used by bootleggers during Prohibition.


1941 City Purchases Piper-Fuller

The city purchased 140 acres for additional landing. 30 for future shops. 10 for hangers. 10 for parking and 30 more acres undefined… now “Tyrone Blvd”

Expanded to 220 Acres – The total cost was $7,133

World War 2

With the start of WW2, private aviation came to a halt. Albert Whitted Airport took over Piper-Fuller’s role. During the war over 10,000 army trainees, we’re camped out at Piper-Fuller and the Jungle Gulf course.

After The War

After WW2 there was a proposal to re-establish the airport, however, that idea was defeated by the Jungle Property Owners Association who opted to develop more housing. By 1957 the airfield was completely removed from USGS topo map. Current day’s Tyrone Blvd and Tyrone Square Mall can be found near the land of Piper-Fuller Airfield as well as a park. Very little remains of St. Petersburg’s first airport.